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Point of Life Foundation - Creating Hope in Healthcare

About Us





Who we are

The Point of Life Foundation (POL) is a US non-profit entity, established to serve the global community.  It is founded on the vision of a spiritual model of healthcare with a focus on the well-being of the whole person.  It aims to integrate a people-centered approach within the existing paradigms in healthcare and to inform people about issues relevant to the holistic, with emphasis on the spiritual approach to health, care, healing, self-care, and healthcare education.

How we came to be

The work of the Point of Life Foundation has been inspired by the working model of the J. Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India.  This hospital, in addition to making basic health services accessible to a deprived population, is an international flagship introducing holistic and spiritual approaches to healthcare, through medical research and outreach projects.  Further, the staff creates a healing environment of peace and positivity through daily contemplative practices.

What we do

Through its initiatives, programs and educational materials the work of the POL is two-fold:

  • Hope in Healthcare
  • Global Outreach

Hope in Healthcare

Educational initiatives directed towards the support and sustenance of  healthcare professionals in their work and life, and at empowering the recipients of care as they engage in the process of accessing healthcare and in enhancing their healing and self-care. 
Through Hope in Healthcare POL aims to:

  • Increase awareness of the influence of spiritual health and well being on physical health and well-being
  • Expand the understanding of health and illness, comfort and pain, birth and death, quality of life and longevity of life
  • Empower the healthcare professional with better intuitive and interactive skills, as well as, with tools for reducing stress and burn out
  • Provide opportunities for patients to develop and experience an increased sense of patience, hope and dignity

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Global Outreach

POL supports the work of the J. Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) and similar projects through facilitating:

  • donation of equipment and monetary assistance
  • volunteering of expert professional services

...For more on Global Outreach 

What we envision for the future

  • Implement and, through training of facilitators, continue to promote, in the US, Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach - a healthcare professional development program designed by The Janki Foundation, UK.

  • Explore new partnerships and exchanges with other organizations that are studying and promoting the spiritual dimensions and other parameters of health, care, and healing.

  • Introduce meditation and other reflective practices to health practitioners and patients as ways of complementing and enhancing self-care and healing.

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