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Point of Life Foundation - Creating Hope in Healthcare

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Exploring the Daily Wonder & Awe in Healthcare

A Hope in Healthcare Retreat for Healthcare Professionals

Nov 2 to Nov 4, 2012

Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center
Haines Falls, Newyork

A weekend for you to recall the amazing experiences that sustain you in doing your precious work in healthcare. 

We in healthcare are always witnessing and experiencing examples of extraordinary human courage, goodness, grace, and compassion, even at end-of-life. As we face increasing challenges in a world and in workplaces focused on efficiency and finance, it is essential for us to share together the wonder-filled stories from our work – stories that can sustain us and remind us of why we do what we do.

Program Elements:

This Hope in Healthcare Retreat creates opportunities for you to reawaken and recall the essential nourishing reasons to share your expertise in the field of healthcare.

There’ll be time to share your stories of awe and wonder in small and large groups and to listen to the stories of others; time for meditation, reflective silence, movements, conversations and discussion about what is RIGHT with
our work.

As always there is the beauty of Nature at Peace Village and the nourishment of simple, vegetarian meals prepared with loving attention by incredible staff.

We seek to:

  • Renew our recognition and appreciation of the extraordinary, wonderful human interactions and scenarios that we experience daily in our work;
  • Refresh our spirits and our enthusiasm for the precious work that we do;
  • Reawaken our appreciation for the privilege of serving in the relief of the suffering of others;

Please treat yourself by joining us and other Healthcare Professionals for this fall weekend and gift yourself and each other by…

sharing examples of the greatness and wonder of the human spirit of patients, families, and caregivers. Come and nurture your body, mind and spirit as together we remember and revitalize the preciousness of our human selves and the work that we do.

Sponsors : Point of Life Foundation, Brahma Kumaris, and The Integrative Medicine Alliance

Retreat Conveners: Shvetank Agarwal, MD; Carol Davis, DPT, EdD;  Merrillyn Hener, MSPT; Kala Iyengar, MD;  Carmen Palmer, RN, MPH;  Aarti Pappu, RPA-C, PA; Celina Pereira, MD;  Kathy Thompson, RN; Joan Vitello, PhD, RN; Harvey Zarren, MD.

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