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Point of Life Foundation - Creating Hope in Healthcare

Hope in Healthcare


Hope in Healthcare


"In everyday life, at work, we are on the edge all the time. To meet these demands, we have to reflect on ways to sustain ourselves, both as individuals and in the collective. The process we engage in for Hope in Healthcare acknowledges both. It links the two from very inclusive, spiritual perspective. I am conscious of continually bringing the link to the workplace.”

John Cronin
President & CEO
Northern Berkshire Health System
North Adams, Massachusetts


Hope in Healthcare is an initiative of POL which aims to

  • Support healthcare professionals through creating opportunities to help them rediscover and reconnect with their highest levels of personal and work life potential; enhance and support their morale, their sense of purpose and dignity in the work that they do; rekindle their early commitment and enthusiasm for their work; and reduce the potential for stress and burnout.

  • Facilitate processes to enable healthcare professionals to discover and experiment with ways to integrate the spiritual dimensions of health, caring, and healing into their personal lives and in their professional practices.

  • Promote the integration of values-based approach into their current professional practices. Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach, a modular training program, designed by the Janki Foundation in the UK, has been serving as a valuable tool to help healthcare professionals take a fresh values-based approach to their learning and practice, and provide content and methods to facilitate this learning.


How we do it

A series of workshops, seminars, retreats and conversations, over the past years, have acted as valuable forums for professionals of all healthcare disciplines to come together to reignite their spirit of caring. Central to each program is the opportunity to identify core values that reflect a desire to care from the heart and to encourage hope and positivity in patient care. Reflection and contemplative exercises, with emphasis on meditation, are strategically introduced into each program to encourage self-learning and motivation for change.

The retreats have been hosted at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center, a Brahma Kumaris retreat center, in Upstate New York.

Workshops and seminars are presented at off-site, as well as, onsite work locations.

Program Participants have included:
Social workers
Mental health practitioners
Healthcare administrators
Hospital chaplains
Alternative/ complimentary care providers
Students of healthcare sciences


Themes explored have included

Hope in Healthcare: An Integrative Perspective
Focus on the Healer Within
Courage to Care from the Heart
Meditation: The Ancient Art of Nurturing the Self
Viewpoint: Pain or Pleasure
Values in Health Care: Creating Positive Experiences in the Workplace
Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach  Facilitators’ Training
Exploring Spiritual Dimensions in Health, Healing, and Care 
Positivity: Medicine or Myth? 
Leading from the Within: A Roadmap for Healthcare Professionals

Workshops & Seminars:
Contemplative Practices in Healthcare: Nurturing the Self while Caring for Others
Being Present: Being Focused
Peace at work
Compassion in Practice
Revolutionizing Healthcare in the 21st Century: A Values-Based Approach
Creating Hope in Healthcare
The Art of Creating Stress-Free Work Experience
De-Stress Your Life: A Practical Experience with Meditation
The Art of Detachment
Spirituality and Medicine: Partners for Health and Healing

Posted Reports from Workshops and Seminars

Upcoming Events

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Excellent workshop with great facilitators. I truly come away with a deeper sense of self through this values clarification experience. As in previous retreats I will reflect upon how my behaviors need to change in order to sustain this deeper sense of self and how I will be present in the world. Thank you.  
                               Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach                                Retreat & Facilitators’ Training
                               JV, PhD, RN, Director, Nursing Services


Experiential sessions are powerful in getting me in touch with core values – my personal values. The technique to identify the core values was fun.
                               Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach
                               Retreat & Facilitators’ Training


In life we have had quite a few experiences that remind us of the inner reservoir of potentials and fortified the hope and joy in our heart. But our weekend at Peace Village was exceptionally unique of all. Words have their handicaps to narrate the depth and richness of our Peace Village experience.. We are grateful to you for letting us be a part of these divine moments.. We have deposited this experience in the account of our inner bank and will continue to employ it to guide us in our journey...
                                               AP, MD & IP, MD New Jersey

The last Hope in Health Care retreat was a soft gentle experience of relationships that embodied the most important aspects of health care: caring, compassion, and inner peace...
                                  K.H.H, MD, Founder & Principal, H.O.P.E,
                                  Healing of Persons Exceptional, Maine


What a joyful and meaningful experience, to spend the weekend with fellow healthcare professionals. At Peace Village, we come away healed and refreshed. What a gift...
                                C. D., Professor University of Miami School
                                of Medicine, Florida


Practicing the method to stop, observe, and switch (SOS) is critical to me in my job as a nurse supervisor. It will help me become detached and gain clarity in difficult situations...
                                                    Peace at Work Workshop


I am filled with peace and focus. I find what I came for...I liked the activity, the pairs, the conversations, the forms, the music, all inclusive...the learning style...
                                            Compassion in Practice Workshop


I will take back with me the practice of silence and the art of listening...
                                               Values in Healthcare retreat


Programs such as this help me recreate and re-establish my priorities. It helps me to regularly take care of myself...
                                                Hope in Healthcare Retreat


This program will help me in my daily life and in my practice to bring a new dimension into my interactions with the world in a positive way...
                                                Hope in Healthcare Retreat


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