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Point of Life Foundation - Creating Hope in Healthcare

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Creating Hope  in Healthcare

A multi-site, half-day workshop to provide the opportunity for healthcare professionals to explore their own inner capacity and resources to create a transformed work environment and experiences and to rekindle their enthusiasm for the work they do.

The workshop exercises enabled them to:

  • Explore spiritual approaches to healthcare by re-connecting to their own core values
  • Experience silence as the natural antidote for stress and burn-out
  • Experiment with meditation and reflection as a way of complementing healing modalities and self-care, and for reconnecting with one's inner resources of peace, positivity, compassion, and for rekindling their sense of hope
  • Examine ways to integrate peacefulness into their daily lives in a practical way

This program was approved for continuing education hours for physicians and nurses.

The workshop was offered at the following locations:

Tampa, Florida          March 29, 2006
Miami, Florida            April 1, 2006
Watertown, Boston    April 10, 2006
Great Neck, NY          October 7, 2006
Rhode Island             October 17, 2006


Below are details regarding the Tampa and Miami Workshops:

Florida had the fortune of being among the first venues for the Hope in Healthcare  program sponsored by the Point of Life Foundation (POL).  For the past three years, Peace Village has hosted this program for healthcare professionals, but on March 29th and April 1st, Kala Iyengar, MD, Director, and Carmen Palmer, RN, Program Coordinator, POL, from New York brought their special insights to healthcare professionals in Tampa and Miami.  Approximately 80 medical professionals attended one or the other program.  The participants included medical doctors representing many specialties, nurses and nurse practitioners, hospital and hospice administrators, psychologists, medical technologists, dental hygienists, and pharmaceutical representatives, acupuncture and other alternative and complementary medicine practitioners.

 The program was designed for busy healthcare professionals, and in only two hours the groups were guided to reconnect with the values that brought them into the helping professions, and ultimately to their own natural core values.  Through the identification of meaningful symbols, an appreciative inquiry, and guided reflection, participants were introduced to the power of silence and the experience of meditation.

 Dr. Iyengar described the process of coming to that still point.  First, is the ability to disconnect; to separate oneself from the situation and the emotion.  The second step is to distance from the experience;  to have introspection.  Thirdly, to observe myself and my role in the situation.  Then, to connect to the source of power in order to better serve patients/clients and the self.

 As Ms. Palmer said at the beginning of the Miami workshop, “We are not here to talk about what is wrong with healthcare.  We all know what is wrong.  Instead, together we will explore what positive attitudes we can create in response to the challenges we face, and how we can enhance our sense of well-being through our own core values.”  It was wonderful to see how each person took exactly what he or she needed at that moment.  The arrows hit the marks and many individuals were touched.  Interest has been generated to attend the Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach retreat and facilitator's training at Peace Village in June 2006.  Now Tampa and Miami will continue to nurture the seeds planted by Sr. Kala and Sr. Carmen.   


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