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June 1 - 3, 2007
Leading from Within: A Roadmap for Healthcare Professionals
A Hope in Healthcare Retreat at the Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center

This program was designed to present a framework for personal life planning and re-engineering of skills, specialization, and experiences that the healthcare professional may have accumulated over the years, and to help them to look beyond the constraints of immediate work and life demands to a horizon of possibilities for fulfillment in work and life.

The theme of ‘Leading from Within’ is based on the concept that while much of academic focus is on the acquiring and processing of knowledge through rational intelligence, the real life of a healthcare professional today requires a much higher capacity for humanness in interpersonal encounters and perhaps a master's degree in self managing skills. Bringing to the forefront the important elements of professional success and fulfillment and built on the concept of ‘Self Managing Leadership,’ this weekend allowed  participants to take a step back and better equip themselves with tools that will help them to thrive and not just survive in the current changing healthcare environment.

The Program Objectives included:

  • Identifying the key variables that support successful outcomes in any venture
  • Employing the change principle in the midst of uncertainty
  • Accessing your internal resources to manage the self and others during trying and intense times

The Agenda Highlights included the exploration of :

  • Personal meaning of leadership and the principle of ‘leading from within’
  • The principle of transformational change and effective change management
  • Analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • The roadmap - personal planning process – identifying purpose, vision, values and barriers
  • Goals and Strategy development and Action planning

The program was for continuing education units for physicians by the Westchester Academy of  Medicine and nurses by the Rhode Island Nurses Association.

The Retreat Facilitators included:

Ed Wondoloski, MBA –  Professor Emeritus of Management, Bentley Business University; Founding and active member of the Bently’s Service Learning Program; Director, Living Values: An Educational Program Inc; and an international lecturer and workshop facilitator.

Celina Pereira, MD – Staff physician, University of Rhode Island Health Services and Consultant staff, Adolescent Medicine, South County Hospital, Rhode Island, having extensive experience in adolescence and students’ health issues.

Carmen Palmer RN, MPH – Program Coordinator, Point of Life Foundation, engaged in creating and facilitating workshops and other programs that support healthcare professionals through promoting values-based work environments and relationships.

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