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October 31- November 2 , 2008

Rediscovering the Joy of Practice

A Retreat and Gathering for Healthcare Professionals at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center, Haines Falls, in the Catskills Mountains, New York.

In this retreat, a Hope in Healthcare program of the Point of Life Foundation, 50 allied health professionals engaged in a weekend of reflection and meditation devoted to Rediscovering the Joy of Practice. The program was cosponsored by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, George Washington Institute of Spirituality and Health, Global Organization of Healthcare Professionals of Indian Origin, and the Integrative Medicine Alliance .

Program Details


June 1 - 3, 2007
Leading from Within: A Roadmap for Healthcare Professionals
A Hope in Healthcare Retreat at the Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center

This program was designed to present a framework for personal life planning and re-engineering of skills, specialization, and experiences that the healthcare professional may have accumulated over the years, and to help them to look beyond the constraints of immediate work and life demands to a horizon of possibilities for fulfillment in work and life.

Program Details

November 17 - 19, 2006
Positivity: Medicine or Myth? - A Retreat for Healthcare Professionals

This retreat is another program offered by the Point of Life Foundation in the spirit of igniting Hope in Healthcare. It aimed to bring together physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, therapists, chaplains, and practitioners from allied fields to explore and learn about the therapeutic scope of this simple tool – Positivity.  What and how real is it – to be positive? Integrated with presentations from experts in evidence based medicine and current research in ‘positive psychology,’ there was also opportunities to engage in discussion groups and experiential workshops with thoughtfully created exercises to consciously introduce the awareness of Positivity in our daily interactions.

Program Details

June 2 - 5, 2006
Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach (VIHC) Retreat and Facilitators’ Training for healthcare professionals

This event was co-sponsored by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, and hosted at their retreat facility, Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. The weekend’s retreat and training was facilitated by members of the Janki Foundation for Global Healthcare, UK, who are responsible for developing the VIHC curriculum, and who have been training healthcare professionals within the UK and internationally, in the unique skills for facilitating VIHC workshops. The weekend program was approved as a Continuing Education Activity for physicians and nurses and was the first such training done in the USA.

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Creating Hope  in Healthcare

A multi-site, half-day workshop to provide the opportunity for healthcare professionals to explore their own inner capacity and resources to create a transformed work environment and experiences and to rekindle their enthusiasm for the work they do.

The workshop has been offered at the following locations:

Tampa, Florida          March 29, 2006
Miami, Florida            April 1, 2006
Watertown, Boston    April 10, 2006
Great Neck, NY          October 7, 2006
Rhode Island             October 17, 2006

Program Details

April 12, 2006
De-Stress Your Work Experience: A Practical Experience with Meditation

This lunchtime workshop forum was offered at the Good Samaritan Hospital located in Long Island, New York.  It was attended by staff from all disciplines within the institution. The session highlighted that we all have inner qualities which are our core values, and which reflect in our personal attitudes, and dictate the choices we make in our interactions with ourselves and with others. In our professional practices, the choices we make in response to workplace challenges can significantly influence our experience of stress and burn-out. Thus we have to make choices that will enable us to maintain our sense of well-being in our day to day work relationship. This session provided the opportunity for participants to:

  1. Explore the concept that peace is a natural state, i.e., an innate quality or core value, and the perfect antidote for stress and burn-out.
  2. Experiment with meditation, a simple yet powerful tool, to rediscover this inner peace
  3. Briefly look at how to integrate peacefulness into their daily lives and practices to restore self-respect and contentment, raise morale and enhance a sense of purpose.

November 4 -6, 2005
Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of Health, Healing & Care

This was a weekend retreat for healthcare professionals, at Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center. The purpose of this retreat was to focus on the important role that spirituality plays in the way the healing sciences are understood and practiced.

Guest presenters were:
Christina Puchalski, MD, MS, Founder and Director of the George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health (GWish).
Harvey Zarren, MD, a Cardiologist. He is Founder and Physician-Director of the Healing Connection and the Healing Your Heart program, at Union Hospital, Lynn, Massachusetts.
Sarah Eagger, MD, a Consultant Psychiatrist, St. Charles Hospital, London, and Scientific and Medical Advisor to The Janki Foundation, and Trustee of the British Holistic Medical Association, UK.


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September 18, 2004
Revolutionizing Healthcare in the 21st Century: A Values-Based Approach

This was a half-day symposium for healthcare professionals. It was held at Fordham University in New York City. The symposium was sponsored by the Point of Life Foundation, and co-sponsored by the Fordham University Psychology Department, and Doctors for Global Health.

Program Details

May 21 - 23, 2004
Meditation: An Ancient art of Nurturing the Self

The Point of Life Foundation sponsored this retreat for mental health professionals which was hosted at Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center of the Brahma Kumaris. This was a second of its kind for this group. The theme was chosen in keeping with the current trends in the field of Mental Health in the US, whereby more and more practitioners are exploring the value of a personal spiritual practice in order to be effective in their professional practice. The retreat attracted about 25 keen participants, some already familiar with meditation of some kind and some not so familiar. The retreat format included appreciative interview, dialogue, lecture, visualization and meditation instruction. Participants left with a recognition of the value of this practice in enhancing skills such as listening without judging, serving as an instrument, understanding the mind with a positive frame of reference, etc.

November 5 - 7, 2004
Viewpoint: Pain or Pleasure

This was a weekend retreat at Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center facilitated by BK Lee James, from Australia and BK Irene Miller from Boston, US. The program was designed for mental health professionals and practitioners involved in crisis management.

  Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach workshops:

The Point of Life Foundation has been supporting and promoting the “Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach” curriculum, developed by the Janki Foundation, in the U.K., through a variety of offerings in New York.

March 6, 2004
Creating Peace at Work

A half-day workshop was offered at Global Harmony House, the Regional Headquarters for the Brahma Kumaris in New York. It was attended by eighteen healthcare professionals from varying disciplines. The simple powerful tools introduced to help participants access their inner peace, to help them build self-respect and contentment, and to be able to integrate these skills into their workplace, enabling participants to recognize the role of inner values in reducing stress in their personal lives and in the workplace.

June 19, 2004
Finding Compassion

A half-day workshop was offered at the Meditation Center and Gallery, the Brahma Kumaris Center in Manhattan, New York. Participants included practitioners, as well as students. The small group processes, which included experiential exercises with reflections, appreciative dialoging, and unique methods of listening, enabled participants to reconnect with, and experience their innate qualities of patience, generosity and kindness, and to acknowledge some of the barriers to finding compassion.

Responses from these workshops clearly indicate that healthcare professionals are recognizing the need for a shift in our approach to the current practice of healthcare, thus highlighting the need for ongoing work in this area.

April 23 - 25, 2004
Finding the Courage to Care from the Heart

This weekend retreat for all healthcare professionals was sponsored by the Point of Life Foundation and took place at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center in New York. This was the fifth semi-annual retreat in the Hope in Healthcare Series.  In an environment where rapid changes in healthcare with increased demands is contributing to a downward spiraling of the morale of healthcare practitioners, “Hope in Healthcare” is aimed at helping healthcare professionals restore and support their morale and dignity in the work they do, and rekindle their early commitment and enthusiasm for their work. This retreat attracted 35 participants. It provided opportunities for participants to explore and experience the source of strength they need to work from their core of integrity and confidence, and to identify how they can find the courage to be present to themselves so that they can always be present to their patients from their hearts. The format of the retreat included storytelling, small and large group dialogues, lectures, appreciative conversations, reflection, visualization, meditation and silence. The stage for the weekend was set in a storytelling session by two individuals, one, a care practitioner, and the other, a recipient of care, exploring their experiences of giving care, and/or being cared for from the heart, versus when this was done as just a task. BK Mohini Panjabi, Regional Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Americas and Caribbean regions, was the spiritual resource person for this program. Through her deeply insightful sharings, and through the various processes employed, participants left the retreat with an understanding of who they are that’s playing their roles. There was a deepened awareness of the true source of their courage, confidence and integrity, and how to sustain themselves in a way that their hearts can remain full of love, peace and happiness so that they can continue to give the experience of these qualities to those they serve.

November 19 - 21, 2004
Values in Healthcare: Creating Positive Experiences in the Workplace

This program took place at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center. This weekend program was designed for all healthcare professionals and was attended by approximately 40 participants representing a wide range of healthcare disciplines.

June 30, 2004
Conversation with Healthcare Professionals

The Point of Life Foundation hosted a conversation among healthcare practitioners and friends at a reception for Pratap Midha, MD, the Medical Director and BK. Nirwair Sani, Managing trustee of the Global Hospital and Research Center (GHRC), Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, who were both visiting New York. The program attracted about 100 people of prominence, most of them from the Indian community and many of them with a medical background. Gopal Badlani, MD, urologist from Long Island Jewish Hospital, who had recently offered his professional services performing urological procedures at the GHRC, set the tone for the evening by sharing his experience of how he benefited himself while he was at Mt. Abu. This is a true model of “self-care before patient care”. With the complementing presentations from the two guests, the evening left everyone inspired and well informed not only about the 'concept' behind the model of the GHRC, but also the details of the 'workings' of that model. A brief introduction to the 'Values in Healthcare' project was included. The program was, in many ways,  a breakthrough in the awareness of  many about the Point of Life Foundation and its work in New York.

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