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Values in Healthcare



Values in Healthcare

 “A profession without values, without values at work, is worthless."
                                        “The Call to Renew”
                                                                                     Linda Hawes Clever- BMJ Dec 1999

The main premise For Values in Healthcare

In developing a conscious values-based approach, participants can rediscover their own peacefulness, think more positively, and act with compassion and cooperation, while putting their own self-care at the center of their efforts. This provides a foundation for addressing how to provide better care for patients while at the same time nurture the self.

What is the "Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach" Program?

  • A personal and team development educational program for Healthcare practitioners
  • Designed in a modular experiential workshop format to facilitate the experience of one's own inner core values
  • It incorporates an innovative spiritual approach to address the issues on a personal level and at an organizational level
  • It is based on the premise that for values to be meaningful they must first be experienced at a personal level then integrated at the organizational level

Values in Healthcare Promotes

  • Respect and dignity for every individual practitioner, administrator and patient
  • Well being for all individuals and healthcare environments
  • A positive, safe atmosphere in which people can thrive
  • Individual spiritual growth and its application to living and working

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