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Meditation: To Refresh Yourself & Build Resilience

In-person weekend retreat at Peace Village, designed specifically for healthcare professionals.

The exploration of our theme, “Meditation: To Refresh Yourself & Build Resilience,” will help sustain us all during these challenging times of significant change.

Please see the following Peace Village Guidelines for…

Retreat Contributions: Click here

COVID 19 precautions: Click here

Retreat Flyer (for easy printing): Click here

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Coping with Fear and Uncertainty - A Spiritual Approach

Stillness in the Storm

The event honors Dadi Janki, founding president of The Janki Foundation for Spirituality in Healthcare and former head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization.

Also celebrating the first anniversary of the Feel Well - Heal Well lounge, a Healthcare initiative of the Point of Life Foundation and Brahma Kumaris 

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