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Through its initiatives, programs and educational materials the work of the POL is two-fold:

Hope in Healthcare

Educational initiatives directed towards the support and sustenance of  healthcare professionals in their work and life, and at empowering the recipients of care as they engage in the process of accessing healthcare and in enhancing their healing and self-care. 
Through Hope in Healthcare POL aims to:

  • Increase awareness of the influence of spiritual health and well being on physical health and well-being

  • Expand the understanding of health and illness, comfort and pain, birth and death, quality of life and longevity of life

  • Empower the healthcare professional with better intuitive and interactive skills, as well as, with tools for reducing stress and burn out

  • Provide opportunities for patients to develop and experience an increased sense of patience, hope and dignity


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Values in Healthcare

In developing a conscious values-based approach, participants can rediscover their own peacefulness, think more positively, and act with compassion and cooperation, while putting their own self-care at the center of their efforts. This provides a foundation for addressing how to provide better care for patients while at the same time nurture the self.


What is the "Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach" Program?

  • A personal and team development educational program for Healthcare practitioners

  • Designed in a modular experiential workshop format to facilitate the experience of one's own inner core values

  • It incorporates an innovative spiritual approach to address the issues on a personal level and at an organizational level

  • It is based on the premise that for values to be meaningful they must first be experienced at a personal level then integrated at the organizational level

Values in Healthcare Promotes

  • Respect and dignity for every individual practitioner, administrator and patient

  • Well being for all individuals and healthcare environments

  • A positive, safe atmosphere in which people can thrive

  • Individual spiritual growth and its application to living and working

For more on the "Values in Healthcare" program



Feel-Well Heal-Well Lounge

Feel well/Heal well lounge is an online initiative especially designed to serve the healthcare professionals, who are the backbone of our healthcare system. This event allows the healthcare workers to destress, relax and recharge themselves as they learn a variety of self-care techniques for self-healing 

Hope in Healthcare
Values in Healthcare
Feel Well Heal Well
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