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Current Global Donations and Medical Resources Campaign for Covid-19  

India is currently battling a devastating second wave of COVID-19 across the entire country. As of May 2021, they were recording more than four million new infections daily. The shortages of oxygen, medicines, and PPE made the international news as the country called out for assistance. The Global Hospital & Research Center Trust has heeded that call by turning two of their facilities on Mount Abu into Covid care centers and supporting the Indian government with personnel, equipment, and beds dedicated to the treatment of patients with Covid-19 in Mumbai. They also operate 3 mobile clinics that bring covid-19 education as well as general medical treatment for minor ailments to villages in rural Rajasthan.

At the POL Foundation, our current focus is on raising funding for medical equipment, essential medicines and other supplies for the Global Hospital & Research Centre Trust. We strive to do our part in supporting the important work the GHRC Trust is doing as it responds to this crisis.

Please click here to donate for the campaign. 

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